Close entry 15/06/17 - 5 Oak Door Styles You Need To See

Do you feel the need for a revamp of your interior doors? Are they dated and in need of modernising? Then look no further than oak interior doors! Oak doors can offer a cozy, traditional feel to your home whilst still being quite contemporary. There are so many different types of oak doors to consider that it can easily get confusing, so to make your decision much simpler, here are five different types for you to consider!

Glazed Oak Doors

Need to let some light through or keep an eye on what's going on between rooms? Glazed oak doors offer you a simple solution to this. With window panes as big or as small as you can wish for across all styles of glazed oak doors, there will definitely be something to suit your needs.

Flush Oak Doors

Flush oak doors are a modern, yet practical addition to your home which can create a sleek, fashionable feel. Whilst being more minimalistic than a glazed oak door, an elegant flush oak door is all it takes to completely modernise a room. Flush oak doors aren't the centre of attention and can blend into the background in a room if that's the style that you are looking for.

Panelled Oak Doors

If you want something with a bit more of a classic look, then a panelled oak door is for you. With either 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 panelled oak doors, there's a huge range to suit a variety of spaces. Whether you want something a bit different or just a simple, sturdy door, there's a panelled oak door to fit your home.

Fire Check Doors

Although a requirement for some houses, a fire door doesn't have to be bland and with a wide range of wood available for fire doors, it can still fit in with the rest of your house. As its name suggests, fire doors are put in place for fire resistance and are commonly found or suggested for use between a house and garage or in apartments.

Double Oak Doors

Sometimes one door just isn't enough! For instance, if you have a larger space, you can fit double doors to split off a lounge from a dining room when needed. This can be a handy solution for many, especially in a busy household or when you need some peace and quiet. When we said that there were doors to suit everyone's needs, we definitely weren't lying


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