Rebating Door Service

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Rebating Door Service
Product Number: Rebated Doors
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Door Rebating Service - per pair


The following door ranges are suitable for rebating as a minimum of 15mm lipping around the door edge is required to machine the rebate. 


- Symmetry

- River Oak Modern

- River Oak Cottage

- Montana

- Limelight

- Calypso


Please call our enquiries line on 01926 422232 or email us for more details and costings.

Door Rebating Service

Door pairs, or double doors, really do add a touch of style and class to any room.  Perfect for a partition between two rooms with the added benefit of creating an open plan reel when required.

Rebating means removing a section along the vertical edge of each door where they meet to allow them to fit snugly together, eliminating the small gap that you would see with square meeting stiles (two doors fitted side by side)

There are a number of ranges of doors that we can offer the rebating service on.

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